“Earnell Brown is a woman always on the move. This book of poetry is a passport to her world. Brown’s work is filled with life lessons and personal reflections. At times she writes like a woman who has moved beyond the blues. After reading her poems one might be inspired to sing Precious Lord.”

E. Ethelbert Miller
Director of the African American Resource Center at Howard University

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“The recurring theme of Earnell’s beautiful lyrical poetry is life. Her gift is the ability to translate life into words. Read and savor every page of I’ve Been Where I’m Going. You’ll experience both the act and the art of living in all its beauty, humor, pain and, most of all its sheer joy.”

Niambi Brown Davis
Author of From Dusk to Dawn and Sanctuary

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"I've Been Where I'm Going is a revelation of Earnell's loving soul, beautiful spirit and faithful heart. Readers will be inspired to step outside of life's boxes to enlarge their territories naturally and spiritually as they follow her through this wonderful journey of poetry."

Dr. Lonise P. Bias
Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Family and Teen Life Coach, and Author

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"Travel with Earnell Brown as she interprets and shares with us enchanting insights into her life journey–thus far. Celebratory, honest, moving, deep, funny, fierce, uninhibited, and always personal. And, you might see you!"

Jodi Yeldell, Ed.D & Doctor of Fabulosity




ISBN: 978-0-9828430-0-0
Price: $15.00 + $4.25 shipping



By Earnell Brown

I've Been Where I'm Going is a book of essays and poetry influenced by years of travel and meant for anyone who endeavors to take an internal journey in search of self-awareness, love, nature's beauty, peace, or simply something to think about. This book is a thought-provoking, enticing and humorous read that's hard to put down. It contains essays and poetry composed over a period of time. It inspires living a positive life, romantic love, God and nature, relationships with family and friends, and political awareness. With pieces like "Live Hard So You Can Rest," "Love It or Lose It," "Just Because," "Come Before His Presence," "Family and Friends," and "Change—It Can Only Get Better," the reader will be encourage to seek opportunities to enhance their lives, gain wisdom, exercise courage, explore the globe, become a gift to others, and learn who they really are. An open mind enhances the journey.


"I've Been Where I'm Going is an eloquent depiction of the soulful and imaginative reflections of a woman who embraces life and adventure."

– Pearl Richard Smith, Ph.D.
President, Pearl of Wisdom Solutions



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